Preparing students to be practitioners in their chosen fields, socially responsible to their communities and a foundation for their families

Every day RMU’s faculty and staff advance the University’s mission through commitment to leadership, community service and experiential teaching. Our faculty and staff are the backbone of our institution helping to strengthen daily operations, expand and improve academic programs, and offer genuine support to students.  At any level, support from RMU faculty and staff provide scholarships, new academic initiatives, improvements to campus, and meaningful programs to enhance the student experience. RMU is a great place because of their generosity and hard work.

Support RMU by Payroll Deduction

You can set up a recurring gift that will be automatically deducted from each paycheck.

  • Fill out the Employee Payroll Deduction form and return to
  • You select any amount you are comfortable giving back to Robert Morris
  • The selected amount will be deducted from your paycheck every pay period i.e. $16 per pay period= $400 for the entire year to RMU
  • These are fully tax-deductible contributions