Service and Support

At Robert Morris we know it takes a community to make a successful student. That’s why we provide the resources and support that you need to make your college experience a great one.

We’re committed to helping you succeed!

Your academic advisor is here to guide you and help you plan the next steps in your educational journey. Please contact your advisor if you need assistance with anything RMU related, and they’ll point you in the right direction!


Overwhelmed with classes?
Hard time managing school, family, and/or work?
Relationship issues?

Counseling Sessions are Available for Currently Enrolled RMU Students

We are committed to providing you with quality care. Assistance is available for anyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity. Staff members are dedicated to providing you with the best possible services and are sensitive to diverse issues such as: test anxiety, self esteem, eating disorders, body image, family, depression, motivational problems, relationship matters, sexual identity, social confidence, cultural adjustment, and other personal stressors.

A High Commitment to Protect Privacy. Information shared with a counselor will be confidential. At Robert Morris University, your CONFIDENTIALITY is of the highest priority.

CLICK HERE  to complete a Counseling Request Form or contact your Student Advisor or Angela Jordan at   Feel free to visit the Office of Student Affairs, Chicago Campus, Suite 700, or call 312.935.2020.

It is the goal of Robert Morris University to ensure that all university services, activities, facilities, and privileges are accessible to qualified persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Reasonable accommodations will be made on an individualized basis.  It is the responsibility of persons with disabilities, however, to seek available services and make their needs known to the Director of Student Services/Special Programs at Robert Morris University.

Students who believe they have a disability which might affect their academic performance at RMU and require accommodations or auxiliary aids and services, should visit the Office of Student Affairs to meet with the Director of Student Services/Special Programs to discuss possible accommodations.

For more information check out our Guidelines for Special Accommodations.

About your CTA Ventra U-Pass

This Fall, the CTA and U-Pass will transition to Ventra, the easy new way to pay for trains and buses on the CTA. Below, you’ll find some general information to help you become familiar with your new CTA Ventra U-Pass.

  • Your CTA Ventra U-Pass provides unlimited rides on the CTA during your enrollment as a fulltime student.
  • Your card is a contactless card—tap it to the Ventra reader to pay your fare. (Don’t insert it into fare equipment—you’ll lose it and need to pay a replacement fee for your lost card.)
  • You will no longer need to obtain a new CTA Ventra U-Pass every quarter.
  • As long as you’re enrolled full-time in school, your CTA Ventra U-Pass privileges will be loaded onto your card automatically.
  • CTA Ventra U-PASS will be charged to your student account: $90 per quarter.

Before using your CTA Ventra U-PASS you need to activate your card.
To activate your CTA Ventra U-Pass you can call 1-877-NOW-VENTRA (1-877-669-83682)

Requirements to Pick Up Your CTA Ventra U-Pass

  • Only FULL-TIME students are eligible for a CTA Ventra U-Pass.
  • Full Time Status Definition:
    • Undergraduate: must have 12 or more credit hours.
    • Graduate: must have 8 or more credit hours.
  • Please have your RMU Student ID and Official School Schedule when picking up your CTA Ventra U-Pass.

CTA Ventra U-Pass Rules and Regulations

As you begin to use your CTA Ventra U-Pass, please be aware of the following rules for being a U-Pass cardholder.

  • Your CTA Ventra U-Pass is for your use only and cannot be transferred or sold. If this rule is violated, CTA reserves the right to confiscate the card and prohibit you from having a U-Pass for a full year, and/ or press criminal charges.
  • CTA reserves the right to require the student show a valid school identification card upon request.
  • Use of the CTA Ventra U-PASS is subject to applicable tariffs, terms, conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures CTA may in its discretion adopt from time to time.
  • CTA Ventra U-PASS may NOT be shared.

CTA Ventra U-Pass Replacement

  • Handle your card carefully.
  • IF LOST, STOLEN or DAMAGED(due to abuse, misuse, etc.) – In order to receive a replacement card a $50 replacement fee and a valid RMU Student ID will be required.
  • Payments will be made in the RMU Bookstore (must be paid in cash or credit card) and the Receipt brought to the Office of Student Affairs.
  • A replacement Ventra U-Pass is shipped to the Office of Student Affairs, 401 South State Street, 7th floor. Call (312) 935-2020 within 5-7 business days and your original will be deactivated.
 View the FAQs here


Office of Student Affairs
7th Floor Student Center
(312) 935-2020

Robert Morris University is committed to ensuring a safe, respectful, discrimination and harassment free environment. The University does not tolerate any violence including sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or sexual orientation/gender based harassment. We strongly encourage anyone who has been a victim of or witness to any type of sexual misconduct by a Robert Morris student, faculty, or staff to notify us immediately so that we can offer resources and support to the those involved. In the event of an emergency please DIAL 911.

To report an incident, please complete the Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form