A History of Excellence

Since its inception, Robert Morris University Illinois has focused heavily on application and integration of concepts which allow graduates to meet the expectations and demands of employers.  As one of the largest, private, not for profit colleges in Illinois, RMU prepares students to be practitioners in their chosen fields, socially responsible to their communities, and a foundation for their families.

Robert Morris University bears the name of an outstanding American of the Revolutionary War era who has been called the “Financier of the Revolution.” Beginning as a clerk, Robert Morris became a successful merchant and banker — the first financier in American history. His time, money, and personal credit aided the movement for American independence and helped provide the financial assistance needed by our patriot forefathers during the Colonial struggle for freedom.  As a representative of the colony and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Robert Morris signed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Articles of Confederation.

Robert Morris University Illinois has been serving the educational needs of students and the employment needs of the business community for over 100 years.

Mission & Values

Robert Morris University offers professional, career-focused education in a collegiate setting to diverse communities. This mission is consistently at the root of our decision making, our methods of academic delivery and support as well as the outcomes we strive to achieve. The following core values embody who we are as a University and help guide future long-range plan goals:

  • Committed Leadership
  • Serving the Community
  • Creating Opportunity through Experiential Teaching
Business, Design, Nursing, Health, Technology, Computers. Diverse University

U.S. News & World Report ranked RMU the most diverse university in the Midwest.

Experience Makes Experts. Experts Make a Difference
Robert Morris University Experience-based learning

The City is our Classroom

Experiential learning, a current buzzword in higher education, has been at the center of RMU’s educational model for decades. By utilizing the city as an extended classroom and administering a career-focused curriculum, experience-based learning (EbL) is at the core of each student’s success.

Beyond the Classroom

Through the Chicago Experience, students engage in activities that are not traditional to university learning, providing them with new exposure and perspectives that help students engage with course material, understand their role in the community, and civic and social responsibility.

Enjoy a few examples of students taking full advantage of the rich experiential opportunities our world-class city offers:

Surgical Technology student served as First Assistant in video-assisted lung transplant surgery at Rush Hospital

MIS students visited Groupon headquarters to learn first-hand how Groupon uses data analytics to enhance their relationship with customers

Graphic Arts students designed the program for the 33rd Annual Chinese New Year Party of Greater Chicago

Culinary students lead a pop-up restaurant featuring quarterly themes which is open to the public

Computer Networking students met with the Deputy Director of Computer Forensics Laboratory Network to learn about the latest technologies to retrieve data to solve crimes.

experience-based learning
career-focused education

The Center for Professional Advancement provides Robert Morris University students and alumni from every discipline enhanced opportunities for academic, personal, and professional growth through industry-leading internships, high-impact integration center projects, and focused career strategy development.

The Center for Professional Advancement is the product of our belief that career preparedness can be best achieved through experience-based learning that takes place within and beyond the classroom. We have redefined educational expectations based on what employers demand by immersing students into the real-world while adding experience to their resume.

How close are you to a world-class education?

A lot closer than you think! RMU has 7 locations in the state of Illinois, with its main campus in the heart of downtown Chicago.